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Turret Defense Turret Defense

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yea ok so i vote all tens or 0s MEH!

This is a fun game. Reminds me of a game i used to play constantly ( command and conquer). I like it .. I'm still having trouble with the second level. Make another pl0x.

Its alot of fun to blow people up hehee... have fun making more games or movies.

And remember kids, Orange quiaggle pops are NOT dog treats!

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King of Buttons 3 King of Buttons 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

1+1 = Sheep. I always thought it made 2beaverjuce.

So. This is my review. MY INTERATIVE WALL PAPER WON'T WORK WAHHHHHH.. I just checked, and now its gone!!! Thats harsh, ANd that freaky thing came up to me too. I wanna hold one record, wich is proving much harder than i THought.

Another thing, I payed good clicks for thos new comments! there wasn't enough for my clicks ! ( wich i sacrfificed my spacebar for!) And alot was MUAHAHAHHA hahaha klalalal mdsm d a admfu.....

From this review it may not seem like i liked your game.. But i loved it.. I voted 5 and all 10s so you better uhhhiuhihihi... Its driven me insane your game. Altough i was partially insane before hand,

I hope you respond to this!!

I'll probably edit it or something incase i forgot because its like 2:20 am!!! I pressed your bottons to the end of my rists!! they are in soo much pain! send your game to emo kids! Then they won't need to cut themselfs! Or commit suicide! all they'll neeed is steve and J00.

Now, Back to buisness. I want that wallpaper.. And the screensave doesn't work either@ please tell me how to activate! And the wallpapers in the unlockaballs again! those stripper boobs where funny, THey should of been the kids friend! not the dead beaver ...

And and and.. Its fun.. your game.. My bro says its pointless.. But the button!1 ahhaaha... Sorry... I need sleep cause i had baseball todau and i'm typing with my eyes shut because they hurt so i'll proabably have to fiz everything..

Ok oppened. See,... I'm typing some stuff.

^ that gap is where you can bury steve, sence he is still just rotting... If the blank space didn't work that eff j00 whoever made it not work!

This may be the longerst review i wrote, So please for teh love of pie pizza and beavers. Good night or morning cause its morning and sence you get away with it



hehe, thanks for the long review :D

the wallpaper and stuff should work though... you got something to unzip them right?
Or won't they download at all?

Hehe, the idea of giving this to emo kids is pretty good :P

Thanks for all the 10's


Ball Keep Ups! Ball Keep Ups!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

priity good

i lieked irtt burt ists gotten wwayy t2o 3=mc[] hard//

The Doughnuts Show The Doughnuts Show

Rated 5 / 5 stars

leik dude i owned u

I remember being on the portal that fourth of May, and voting 0 to destroy this flash....

I'd like to begin by expressing my overall hatred towards the beginning of this game. Through all the trash that is submitted to the portal daily, viewinh like this is what make NewGrounds differny\t! Before I opened the link leading with this marvel, I had a theory about how it would turn out; I was overly pleased to see that I was indeed, correct. My theory was this: "This is going to be a flash of hypnotic ork, an incredible blend of colornt result" . It appears that the 3.67 you received speaks for itself! Now, on to you're flash animation. graphics were stunning, blending a little bit of 3D animation, with some hand rawn art. Very visually pleasing. I also enjoyed that the sameThis makes the viewer more interested! You're style literally speaks for itself. As I have mentioned before, you're hypnotic art makes up for you're fantastic work. You're style is original and your's. One thing I didn't like was that you included the credits on the front screen! You could of easily put those at the end of you're slideshow! The music used for you're animation was KC & The Sunshine Band's, "Play That Funky Music White Boy". An odd choice, as it doesn't match you're work; still random and original, which does. One thing I would like to point out, a few minutes after muting the music, it automatically turns back on. You're interactivity in this game was it's s these as I call them, you only see the object jump up and down or wobble side to side, you're amazing theatrical performance of circular pastries do everything from melt to have pterodactyls fly from there. The whole concept of this animation was outstandingly humorous, but it did go a little too far at points. I didn't like the immaturity in #16 and #18. You're better than that! One final thing, I would like to point out that you used the money fish at the end! That was a fantastic piece of artwork you made and I am glad to see you are still keeping it! Great job my friend, I put you unde

Recommended performances to see in "The Dohnuts Show"!

Hey all, I would like to recommend some of the best work carmelre marked with a "*". Be sure to check them out!
#4 (Spinning)
#5 (Spli)
#7 (Bewed)
#8 (Flying Away)*
#10 (Freezing)
#13 (Growing Hair)
#17 (Being Stabbed)
#21 (Red Blood Cell)
#22 (Growing a Tail)*
#24 (Supk Hole)*
#25 (Airplane)
#31 (Bleeding Ketchup)
#33 (Bubbling)
#34 (Magicly Dissapearing)*
#35 (Cut in the Middle)
#36 (Air-Balloon Flying)
#39 (Spines)*
#41 (Tornado)
#46 (Pteranodon Sternbergi)*

man you just got bossed!

man, i am just jokin i are board, i loved it, i played when it first hit ng,

carmelhadinosaur responds:

LOL! Thanks for that :O
The music was a song I first discovered at the time, so I wanted to use it. Sorry aboot the immaturity :D
Sorry aboot the credits, just didn't think such small credits needs a whole page :D
Anyway, thanks alot!!!

RaidenX RaidenX

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That game is amazing, it deserves number one, i have that as and arcade game in my attic! soo amazing that u re did it in flash !!

NG tank dressup! NG tank dressup!

Rated 3 / 5 stars


usless but i still gave it a five because i'm felling generous

meh2 responds:

thx ^o)!!!!.........